Reading Data with Thunkable X and Firebase


So I am building an app that connects people using firebase realtime DB (so I can later build out the chat function). When a user creates a profile, I am able to write to the database. No matter what I do (I have tried every single tutorial and forum available), I can’t read from the DB.

I need to be able to return the values and then match different categories of users so they can use the chat function.

Here is a link to a skeleton project that I have been practicing with: . The goal here was to have someone sign/log in, create a profile, then return the profile back to them.


I took a look at your template and I personally do not use the null blocks as they tend to be buggy (not sure why, I just cant get them to always work) so I use a blank text block. Second, I also do not use the cloud variable block as it rarely works all the time either. I just use the realtime DB blocks to save and call to Firebase. Could you show how your data is saved in your Firebase DB (make sure to black out your FB address)?

Thanks for the input! I removed the bull blocks, and the cloud variable–that one was just a shot in the dark because nothing else was working.

Turns out there was something wrong with Firebase, which is why I couldn’t read data. I wish there was a way to display error logs, because that was silently failing and preventing me from writing to the DB. I set up a new account and it worked!

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That’s good news! Glad you figured it out. If this is solved please mark it solved so it can close the forum.

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