Firebase real time db

hi all, i have update firebase realtime db api key and datrabase url but still the option to work with the Realtime is not visible in thunkable blocks

can anyone please guide me how to have that Realtime db block available for me

Hi there @germanydrivingschool, thanks for reaching out! In our Drag and Drop editor, you should now use cloud variables instead of adding a Realtime DB component–which is only available in Snap to Place projects.

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HI matt, the link you have provided is not working… but do cloud variable store data the same way realtime db is storing. where i can see the database once i store value in cloud variable

Hello @germanydrivingschool
If you have added both your API key and DB URL, this means you have added your app to firebase and also created a RT Database, if you have added all the credentials right, then you must get the data stored in your DB,
And if its still not saving data, then there are two possibilities:

  1. You have written the wrong code.
  2. Your security rules of RTDB is not correct.

How to correct your rules:

  1. Go to your project Realtime Databse page
  2. Go to the rules section of your project.
  3. Make sure your rules are public and read and write are correct, like:

To know more about security rules, go to: Get started with Firebase Security Rules  |  Firebase Realtime Database…

If there is still any issue, then please send the ss of your code, and if this solved your problem, then please mark this problem as solved.


Yes. If you do set cloud variable “topLevel” to “test” then you should see in your Firebase Realtime Database (in the Firebase console):

topLevel : “test”


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