How to prevent White Screen of Death in thunkable app?

How can I prevent my app from white screen of death? This happens almost always when app is running in the background some time and then I want to show it again. It never happen while I am using it after it will open and not minimized to background.
I found article with simple solution for that but I don’t know how to implement it with Thunkable ( White Screen of Death — How to Handle Errors in React Native? | by Lidor Dafna | Wix Engineering | Medium ). Can I get any advice on that or any solution which will work and prevent such a issues in the future? It can be very frustrating for some people using app and may cause a damage on app reviews and decrease in satisfaction with the use of the application… and what is most important some people can see it like an underdeveloped or poorly written application.

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I’ve not experienced this type of behavior. Can you talk more about what kind of app it is and what may be happening?

How long between uses does it take for the app to crash as you mention?

One thing I recommend is to debug your app using a method I find helpful:

This will allow you to pinpoint exactly where in your code the crash occurs.


Most Android devices now comes with Battery Management Sub-System that constantly works in the background and release the memory from any idle app.

To prevent this, you need to go to the phone setting and in the Battery Management screen, add your app to the list of apps to stay in the background or not to be managed by the Battery Management sub-system.


Thanks for the answers. I will check all above and come back with an answers if problem was fixed.

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