How to make animated columns/rows

create a screen with 1 column and 1 label

position this wherever you would like, in my example, I placed the button with absolute positioning and a bottom offset of 10%, the column has absolute positioning with 10% left and top offset values

now, follow the blocks. When button val is 0, make column visible, increase height by 10px 15 times, then make the label visible.

when button val is 1, make label invisible, and decrease the height by 10px 15 times, then make the column invisible

easy peasy, using this concept, you can make your own custom Alert/popup dialogs with as many buttons or items as you need!
scr from side navigator “Animated Column/Row”

made at the request of @domhnallohanlon


Great tutorial. :heart:ed It !

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Thanks! I tried this with buttons and had no luck. I’m going to try again tomorrow!

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Straight to the point :grinning:

Nice tutorial btw! :+1: :+1:

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