[Solved] How to make column with a shadow? (making custom popups with images)

Hello Community :tada:

I’m planning to make a custom popup, which will contain a illustration, some text and a rounded button.
Idea is to take a column, and apply a little shadow to it from all sides, so it will look like a popup.

How can I do this?

& what are these properties for Shadow??
(are these all for Shadow or what?)

Thanks! :smile:

Hi there,
You can all set it to 1
Please be focus Elevation

Example this


Btw,shadow can also be used Card and it will look like great.
(Haven’t I post a tutorial about this?!)

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WOWOW! It’s perfect!!

Excellent Solution, @BlueWhaleYT! :white_check_mark:

Thanks a lot! you solved a big problem of mine… :smile:

I set it to Elevation level 5, it works the best :+1:

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