How can i make a visual element appear to be floating?

Hi All,
I am new to thunkable, i was curious anyone can help me with adding an elevation.
I want to elevate my profile card , i think i need to play around with elevation and shadows , please share if you can help me with configuration it would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance.

When you say “elevate”, are you wanting it to look as though a graphic element is above another or are you referring to something else?

Something like this? How to Create an Overlap effect in Thunkable

The screenshot you posted doesn’t really give me an idea of what you’re wanting to do.

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I used the above mentioned link and somehow managed to get this. How does it looks ??

It looks like the first image you posted.

Border will not appear, because of black background. Floating effect will not be visible with black background. If you see the corners it appears to be elevated.

Which element are you referring to? You posted a screenshot with about a dozen elements and I don’t know which part you want raised.

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