How to Create an Overlap effect in Thunkable


One trend that we’re seeing a lot at the moment, in both Android and iOS design, is the use of rounded corners.

From the community to the app stores, there are examples of overlapping elements that look like cards sitting one stacked atop the other.

Border Radii

The effect is really easy to achieve in Thunkable, because you have the ability to specific the radius of each corner of a component.

The find the BorderRadii property, click on the Advanced tab, and then open the Styling options.

In the example above, the white column has radii of 40 px while the yellow label is using 20px radii.


Yes. I’m always equip this to reduce many of the screen :slight_smile:


Thanks @Domhnall! :muscle::muscle::muscle:

I was actually trying to figure this one out 2 nights ago and was unsuccessful.