[Solved] How can I create a button with rounded edges?

How can I do something like that?

Hey @point, thanks for the screenshot. It looks like a button, no?

To make it taller you can increase the top and bottom padding.

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I want to create a template that has round edges and shadows (as in the photo)
I figured out how to make rounded edges, but couldn’t make a shadow
Can you help me?

radius and shadow

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Can you show an example?

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If it’s a button you can set the “raised” property to true

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Hi, @point! :wave:

Take a button, set it’s radius to desired,
go to Advance Tab :arrow_right: Styling :arrow_right: elevation :arrow_right: set it to 2.5 (it looks better :wink:)

Don’t forget to set the background color of the button to white - after adding elevation, if you do not have white color (or any other solid color other than transparent), the button will look horrible :sweat_smile:

Thanks! :blush:


But I want the shade to be around and not just down (except I meant Layout)

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This will work then :wink:

Have a look on this detailed video - :blush:
Edit: Sorry, I gave the wrong video :sweat_smile:, adding a new one…

@point, should I provide you a video?
or the text tutorial is ok?

Edit: Thanks for marking :white_check_mark: :blush:

Yes it will help me😊

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Here you go - :wink:

Thanks! :blush:


I still can’t see the shadow

Try increasing the elevation.

Plus, are you testing on Android / iOS?
Live or Downloaded?

I can only see the shadow on Android, I checked on Ipad (IOS) and didn’t see the shadow

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Yeah; That’s what I was experiencing from days :sweat_smile:

I think Shadow/Elevation doesn’t work on iOS:confused:
Any comments, @domhnallohanlon ?

Thanks! :blush:

I will check if you see the shadow after installing the app on the device (on iOS)

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It will work perfectly on live and apk (for android only) :+1:

I don’t think it will work :confused:

It doesn’t work even after I installed the app on the device (on iOS):disappointed_relieved: