All new buttons round

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I haven’t seen this issue yet.

I have a number of buttons on my app screen, all default square. The last two buttons I’ve added are rounded at the corners as soon as they were dragged onto the screen, before I size them or give them a color, and I can’t see how to make them square like the others. They look like I have put “25” into border radius or border radii, but both are blank. And if I put 25 or 50 into border radius, nothing happens, and then when I clear that, the buttons stay round. Finally, if I duplicate a square button, it’s rounded as well.

My buttons are appearing round on the editor but when i load the app on my phone they are square. weird issue. maybe submit this to the git?

Thanks! My buttons are also round on iOS and Android. Not sure I know how to get this to Github (but I see the link above), but I’ll try.

When you adjust the button border radius to 0px.They are rounded display as the preview screen.

TBH, I am running a conversation with Thunkable recently.
Here’s a snapshot -


I am in the same boat :upside_down_face:

Thanks! :blush:

Hi there,
First of all.I am agree that going to change from default - blue text color and white background to new - white text color and blue background.

Why? The original one isn’t user friendly.There are just seems including a label of the button.

In my opinion,the latest default button is more attractive than former one.However,I agree that fix the radius.

Meanwhile,I would like Thunkable do more facilities design for each components,such as text input.I am not appreciate to the text input which just a label display.The purpose is I do not want Thunkable just use a label as default for those ( buttons , text input, date and time picker ) I rather than they are both within a primary color background for them going to be modernization.

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what was the solution? i am having the same issue need my button square

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I discovered my phone doesn’t have this issue.The default button rounded and my preview also rounded.

Hi @dlmetzgerbcch,

You can make your buttons rectangular by setting the ‘border radius’ to 0. You can change this property in the Properties window on the right hand side of the screen. You can view this window by clicking on your button.