How to change button radius in DnD?

Is there a way to change the button radius (for rounded corners) in the DnD interface?

I have a screen with a “Change date” button at the top that is rounded by default and I’d like to round it less. I tried changing the border radius value but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. On that same screen is a DVL with a custom layout (from StP interface). The labels (“Chicken”, “White rice,” etc.) are supposed to be rounded and appear that way in the browser. But in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11, they are rectangular.

Editing in browser:

Thunkable Live:

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Can you share a project where that’s happening?

might I suggest using just that calendar icon also as the date picker toggle. It’s common in a lot of apps for the calendar icon to actually be the toggle that displays the date picker

Sometimes just the date itself is sufficient if it’s clear that it’s a toggle. Sometimes an underline can be helpful for that effect.

What’s the app about?

I’ll send it to you in chat. I’m past my quota for private projects so I can’t make a duplicate and create a simple example but you’ll see that the project is not very complex yet so it should be easy to follow.

I appreciate the suggestion for the calendar icon. I tend to design by sticking everything on the screen and then deciding what to keep so it’s far from a polished version. The idea of the calendar icon is to allow the user to “jump” to today’s date. It’s a food journal app and you can review older dates’ data.

But I’m more interested in the button/component radius value. Is it missing from DnD?

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