Problem setting button corner radius

Hi everyone, I’m building an app and I had problems with a few buttons: in the design preview I imposed buttons like the others that are okay, but in the live test a few buttons don’t match with what I set: I have a column that should have the size of the button contained in it, but then, in the live test, it’s bigger than the button. Then, I’ve changed the radius of the corners of the button, but, again, in the live test the button remains rectangular with 90 degree corners.
I hope that you could help me, thank you for your time.

What is the value of the border radius?

The value of the border radius is 20.

Keep It 150 and try

Can you share a screenshot @andrea.miglia2020qa?


Sure! the button I was talking about is the ‘menu’ one.
Thank you again

I have the same problem before too. Maybe you should try placing the button inside a column, set the button’s background color to transparent and set the color u want on the button in a column. Then, set the column’s top two corners to the radius you want.
Hope this helps!

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@andrea.miglia2020qa it looks like your “Compatta” and “Conferma” buttons are using the radius property but the “Menu” button is using the advanced properties to style the top left and top right radii, is that correct?

yes, for the ‘Conferma’ and ‘Compatta’ buttons I used normal properties, they have the same radius and they works perfectly
But for the ‘menu’ button I used advanced properties
I would like to set only the top corners rounded, but in the livetest they still remain squared.
thank you again!