Issues With Button

I am trying to round the edges of one of my buttons and keep running into an issue. The button looks rounded and how I want it to in the design tab but as soon as I preview on my phone through the live app the button is square not rounded. Is this just an issue with the live app? Will it look right in the final version of the app? Any help would be appreciated.

Solved this on my own! If anybody else is having this issue you need to change the borderRadius not BorderRadii.

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You can use border radius.

The border radii is used to round every angle in a different way, I’ve used it but it works and works not; on the iphone it works for a button but not for another and on android doesn’t work at all.

@domhnallohanlon sorry to bother, who could I ask this to?

EDIT: I have been able to make the second button half round too, but I’m not sure which setting did the trick,and it still worksonly oniphone and not onandroid. It’s something in the advanced settings tab, is there an exaustive explanation of the advanced settings tab?

Did I miss it?