A few issues with the styling options

i remember, about a year ago, that the border used to have the option to blur the edges of buttons, rows, and columns. i was trying to do this again, but the border function doesn’t blur the object anymore. is this just something I’m overlooking? or is it a feature that was removed due to it being problematic?

furthermore, I’ve noticed that the shadow/elevation options don’t work for ios, is anyone else experiencing this?

About the shadow/elevation fro me it’s working on iOS but not working on Android

that’s rather strange. its the other way around for me. usually all i need to do is set the elevation to 10 and its done. what do you usually do?

From the style section

I don’t know how it’s not working on Android for me and for you it’s working :sweat_smile:

i was asking what options you were selecting. maybe we’re doing something different?

The first pic the options that I use
The second how it’s look like


hmm, get rid of everything except for elevation, and set the elevation to 10

this is what works on android, for me at least.

This result for your options it’s not working on iPhone and Android

which one is supposed to have a shadow?

Set shadow opacity 1 maximum 3
And the height, width for 0
Fro this option best result for me