Shadow and raised button options aren't working


I saw a similar post that was closed but unfortunately it didn’t offer a solution.

I’m trying to make buttons that looked raised and have a shadow behind them. both the “raised button” and “shadow options” features do nothing. I’ve tried working on both new and existing buttons with no luck.

Any ideas?


@steeletkz Welcome to our Community! We’re glad you’re here.

There have been some known issues with both the Raised button option (in Snap to Place projects only) and shadow elements (in both Snap to Place and Drag and Drop projects) so that neither are currently working consistently for users.

I believe both of these features are going to be evaluated by Product Design in Q1 next year to see what it would take to get them to work consistently, or if there a better option available to showing elevation in our design editor. Or remove them altogether.

Again, glad you’re here posting on the community. Always feel free to post about anything else you are working on.

Happy Thunking!

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No. That’s a bad idea. We’re not on 8-bit ataris, man. We want shadows. Your user base wants the ability to customize the look and feel of all visual elements.


I should have been more clear, removing it until they are working again.

I am in complete agreement with you on all of this.

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