Issues w/ iPhone X Rendering in Live Test

Hi all, just started using Thunkable and didn’t see a similar post about this issue.

What I’m building in Thunkable (w/ rounded corner labels) vs what I see on my iPhoneX for the labels in the Thunkable app are different.

Is this an issue with the app or have I missed a design configuration?



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Hi @Sarang_Patel,

Welcome to the Thunkable community! Would you mind including a screenshot of the properties your are using to do this please?


  1. Height: Relative Size 8% and FlexDirection: Row is for the ROW
  2. Padding & the other height image is for the LABELS

37%20AM 42%20AM 59%20AM 37%20AM

Thanks, but what properties are you using to set the rounded corners?

Border radius = 24

Not sure if there will be a follow up. Been troubleshooting and trying to expand my idea but looks like the issue persists so probably not worth the effort at this time.

Thanks Sarang,

I tested and reproduced this issue myself and opened a bug report about it but forgot to update you. Apologies for that.

We’re planning on doing a bug scrub next week and this is already on the list!

Thanks for the nudge!

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No problem and look forward to updates!

Thanks for your patience!