Labels not affected by border radius on ios

Hello. I am done with my app however there is an aesthetical choice that is not working and I am not sure why.

If I have a label and I set the border-radius to any number, the desktop version (below) and builder display show curved corners. However, if I use the live testing app (sorry for how it messes up the display, the display is correct on my phone), the edges are straight.

From searching around I found that in the post ([Solved] Labels with border radius), it says I need to turn off overflow, but I could not find this setting (I am new to thunkable).

I am using the drag and drop display. This seems to have lots of functions missing so I really hope that you have a fix for this. Any help is much appreciated.


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It seems you are setting the radius to a very low number such as 5, try with higher numbers to get the required look on the phone.

App design slightly changes between a phone and a computer screen.


Thank you for the response. I have tried implementing this suggestion, however, I had no luck. I tried radius of 20, 50,75, 100, 500, 1000 and 2000. There is no change with any of these values and the label is just a box. I do not believe this is the problem as for all the buttons I have have an obvious curve at a radius of 10, and I belive it is something to do with iOS and this one component

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Can you create a sample project with a single screen and reproduce this issue and share the link of the project so others can look into it and see why this would happen.