Drag and Drop: Label background Bleeds over border

When I set the background to a particular colour it bleeds outside of the border that was set. It only does this on the iPhone the android fills in correctly. I’m not sure if it’s related to the new DnD or something in my settings.

Web Preview:



Settings of a single Label

I don’t understand where your fill color is. I see the BackgroundColor set to white. Where/how are you setting that?

Can you possibly share a link to the project?

The background colour is set using some blocks. I created a duplicate project to replicate the issue.

Thunkable (link expires Fed 20, 2022)

Okay, it was confusing because you didn’t show screenshots of the blocks. I had no idea that’s what you were having a problem with. Thanks for the link… I’ll take a look.

Hey thanks for looking into this for me!

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Yes, I see the problem. These are the blocks you’re using:

It seems that when Previewed in a browser, the Background Color respects the label’s Border Radius (15) and fills the rounded rectangle shape but when Live Tested in Thunkable Live on an iPhone, it does not respect it and fills the entire rectangle.

I would recommend submitting a bug report and linking to this topic.

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Alright will do, it appears to only happen on iPhone. Thanks for helping me with this!

For those who want to follow the status of this bug

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