StP workaround for a overlapping custom column popup/modal?

Hi all, I’m trying to display a custom column popup/modal alert on my screen, which would have an image inside it. But since we can’t set margins to % values now, I’m struggling to find a workaround on how to overlap two columns in StP.

Does anyone know how to overlap two columns, with the one at the bottom being 100% height & width, and the one on the top having an image, with everything else gray in the background, making it look like a modal popup? Something along the lines of -

Hey! Background opacity is still a default option, so you can prepare a half opacity label that spans the length and width of the screen, make it invisible, and then toggle its visibility by using a function for convenience. You can preset certain components and assign them to different lists/objects and then call them when necessary.

Eventually I messed around and got to this solution, which worked for me perfectly -

  • Make your main column (which you want to show in the background, below the modal popup) “absolute” position, with 100% width and height.
  • take a parent row, same 100% width and height & grab another column inside it (which would be the half-opacity gray background column) and make it 150% width and 80% height (or change as per need)
  • get your desired contents in another white, round column inside the gray column, and hide the parent gray column.

Now just make the gray parent column visible whenever you want to display the popup :+1:

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