BUG With new screens, the columns overlaps the status bar, please fix it!

Is very wierd but the old screens are perfect. The issue beggins when I copy and paste columns in a new screen. Those columns, exactly the same, overlaps the status bar in new screen. Thanks you very much!

Hi Leito, sorry to hear you’re having that problem. The forum note for this topic includes the following:

When asking a question, please include as much information as possible e.g. device type, components used, screenshots, etc so that we can help each other out!

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Here is the example… The APK downloaded, the same column in old screen, and in new one… You can see how overlaps the status bar.
exactly the same column, copy and pasted…

Did your positioning settings get changed? Are they in absolute/relative? Is there an edge offset?

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Everything exactly the same.