How can I increase the padding at the top of the screen?

I tried all the options I know. There is a problem after installing the application.

Really? I wish I could figure out how to extend my screen like that. I didn’t know it was possible to extend a photo into the status bar

I do not know how I achieved this effect, but I have a problem and now I can’t correct it.

Can you try changing the “top” margin to 25? Click on that screen in the component tree than look on the left side of the screen for this:

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Yes, but on a standard screen I’m losing 25px and do not centering properly.

Anomaly! It gets better after “Show Status Bar = false”

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are you using absolute or relative positioning for those components?

I only use relative

this is the result after i did “Show Status Bar = false”

Oh boy! From only changing that setting?

Can you provide more info such as phone model. Is version. And potentially a share link to your app so we may better help you diagnose the issue


xiaomi redmi note 6a pro

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On live preview it looked fine. I’ll download and report back! :+1:t6:

On download I got the same result. I am on my
Mobile rn but will try to look at the app on my computer later to help troubleshoot.

Can you try to change your vertical alignment on that page? Set It to “top”.

Do you have those buttons in a row? If so, does the row have a margin greater than 0?

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Hi @Balanced_Kitchen - I edited the title of your post so that it actually describes the problem that you are facing. “How to fix this?” is too vague a title.


…can you let us know a little more about the options that you tried?


I have also experienced this with the Samsung S8 running Android 9. This issue only occured recently to me, and it appears now you too!

Click on the screen name. Scroll down on the settings panel on the right hand side of the designer screen. You should see an option for passing with Top, Bottom, Left, Right options.

Adjust these where necessary. I recommend between 7px and 15px, depending on the height of the status bar. Hope this helps!

I probably should have reported this on GitHub.

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I think the issue has to do with the invisible row/column directly above those buttons. check your component layout and track to find out what is showing when that screen starts.

My bet is that there is some row/ column visible who’s child components are invisible and that is taking up this space.

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