[Solved] Custom alert and scrollable column Help!

Hi, I was working on an app and I am stuck on two places -

  1. Custom Alert - As we cannot put text-input inside an alert so I made one for my self.

But whenever I start typing the things just get messy.

  1. Scrollable Column - I created a column and also set its scrollable property as true image for showing the clone labels but it is not scrollable.
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For your popup input box, you need to have the column size absolute to avoid change in size when the keyboard shows up.

The column scroll needs also different settings in column height and width. Try setting them to “fit content” and “fill container” to check which one would work.


first of all did you see this -Making a Input Alert

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Hey, @luv.ak.tech Thanks for your suggestion but I wanted to use custom alert to decorate it as I wanted.

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@muneer Thanks for your help!! The setting of absolute height for the custom alert worked very well!
And the for the scrollable column I have set the height as Fit contents and put that in a column with height fill container for the background colour.
Thanks @muneer