How to get value from spreedsheet to calculate

I have the material types and their constants in the Airtable as shown. I would like to get value in the table for calculation after selects the material type. For example, after I select Copper (anneal soft-drawn), I would like to get the value of Thermal Coefficient, Resistivity of material and TCAP to calculate. How should I do? Please advice me. Thank you.

  1. Download all data from the AirTable to the List. As the key, you can use the name of the material
  2. From this list, create a ListViewer with the names of materials (keys)
  3. When choosing a material (key) from the ListViewer, look for the record in the List using this key and after finding it, you will receive all the necessary fields of this record.
  4. Perform the necessary actions with the values ​​of the fields received
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please, explain more about how to create key

Can I download the entire table at the first run of the app and allow access to the information without the need for the Internet?

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Hi actech

Thank you for your suggestion.
But I’m a newbie for this application.
Could you please explain more about how to download data to the list.
I have to use the local storage to download the data, haven’t I?
Could you please show me the block for the example?

Basic example of loading data into a list and displaying the values ​​of the Name column in a ListViewer


To download all the data, the GetAllRows block is used. In the example shown above, instead of the Name field, specify your Material Type field. If your material is displayed in the ListViewer, then create a handler for clicking on the list item, get its value (item), and then find the row in the source “list” that matches the selected material.

Hello actech

Thank you for your advices.
Now I can download all data from Airtable and show the list of material type on the screen.
After I select the material type, the name of material will show on the label.
But I confused about how to get the value of the selected material. Which block I can use?
I would like to get the value for calculation after click the calculate button.
Actually, I’m not familiar with any programming. So, I have to ask you more detail.
Thank you.

First an empty object is created. Then we perform a search row, which corresponds to the selected material. After that you can get all the fields of the record that matches the found material.

Instead of my data field names, you need to substitute field names from your table. _id is the unique identifier for the entry in the AirTable. We use the name of the material as the key, but in fact it is better to use this _id as the key, because the names can be the same, and _id is unique. But the algorithm using _id is a bit more complicated.


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Hi actech

Thank you for your helping. Now I can complete my app.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

I want to create song book apps.
I save my data in airtable with two column…
And i want to download in local db…
Is this block which you have shown will work for me too…???