How to do step 2 and 3 correctly? Airtable

I did step No. 1 and it worked
but when i did step 2 and step 3

They did not work, i know it is my mistake but what is the mistake ? :rofl:

Hello, why did you decide that step 1 works?

Instead of GetSelectedRows, it is better to use GetAllRows and this should be done in the second step. UpdateRow - third step and then fourth step - GetAllRows

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This is not clear from the documentation, but in step 2 the rowObject used in the'UpdateRow' block needs to be an object obtained from one of the 'GetRow', 'GetSelectedRows' or 'GetAllRows' blocks. Those objects have special information in them indicating which row they came from, so that 'UpdateRow' knows which row to update.

The general idea is that you obtain the object from one of the blocks mentioned above, change any of the properties in that object using the 'Set property ...' block and then use that object in the 'UpdateRow' block.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you for replying

I did it, i will post a simple tutorial on how to do it