Updating airtable cell with block "Set property of object ... to ..."

I’m not sure if i’ve interpreted this block correctly. I’m trying to use it update a value in my airtable with this block (as i’m not using a dataviewer)

Here is the structure of my code so far:

When it finds a row result for the two properties “student code” and “helper code” it allows the user to update the cell motivational words for the found row.

Here is the airtable set up:

Right now when i run the program it’s able to find results and it also get through the “set property: motivational words of object j to Text_iput1’s Text”

But my airtable doesn’t update with that value … can this block update a cell in an airtable? If not any suggestions would be appreciated! Feel free to ask for clarification.


Hi @p.powercoders1i0t

try this


@bader_mouti thank you!

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You welcome