Update some cells in Airtable

I have an airtable sheet with some names on it. When the user goes into the app and selects the same name but a different location, I just want to update the location in my airtable sheet. I have looked high and low and my google fu seems to be failing me. I didn’t think that it would be that difficult to update a cell in a table, Any hep would be appreciated.

Is your airtable dat structure some thing like this?

{“Name”, “location”}

If so, I’d do a vlookup to get row number. Then update the cell.

Get column nAme
Save to variable “columnData”

Update cell
Where row num = in list columnData find first occurrence of name
Where Column = data
Value = new data string


Yes the structure is similar with some other fields. I will try your suggestion and report back. Is the vloolup done with the blocks you outlined ornis it done in airtable?

I hate to ask for the blocks but let me try first and I’ll let you know. Thx!

Check this project


Thanks for the direction @jared but I still don’t get it. Is there a way you can show me the blocks of a simple vlookup from airtable with 2 columns? Name and location in order to change the location field?


Here are the blocks I came up with from what you posted. The cell is not still not updating. If you could take a look, I would greatly appreciate it!


I got it!!! In the blocks above I had to set the occurrence to a label that got populated from a list. Phew this one was tough but I appreciate your assistance in getting this working.

Now my next part is to do this same thing for a date field as well as longitude and latitude fields. I’m assuming it is going to be nearly the same but of course any insight would be appreciated. I think these are going to be more difficult because there may be more than one of the same date and the lat and long won’t be something I can easily target. Is there a way to just overwrite a cell regardless of what is in there with new data, even if there is no data at all?

Thanks again!!

Could you post the final solution? I am working on the same kind of problem.


Here is a screenshot of what my final blocks look like. Let me know if you have any other questions.

2020-11-28 09_18_02-Thunkable

Thank you