Problem updating Airtable cell with variable

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do a Wow Farming app and my app has to do two things : display the number of items to farm and allow people to update that number .

The first part work like a charm but i have trouble when it comes to Updates a cell in Airtable

Here’s my block :

I have “random” results, sometimes the value of the variable is “Nan” sometimes 0 et sometime a random number (for example i’ve tried to send 888 and it logged 66 on air table)

Do i have a bug in my blocks ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Make step-by-step debugging, displaying variable values on the screen. This will quickly help you see the problem.

One thing to try would be to put your 'Spreadsheet1 call SetCell' within the 'then do' of your 'Spreadsheet1 call GetCell' block somewhere after you set the 'envoi' variable.

Good luck!