Airtable setCell "randomly" fails


I have a quite complex app with several screens , functions, API integrations and a Airtable database with multiple sheets that ive been building during my free time…this means i know its not perfectly optimized when it comes to read/writte into Airtable.

Application was running perfectly well but ive started to see some extrange behaviour when writting some cells.

During the process i have multiple functions being called from other functions based on conditions each one of them updating certain values in Airtable, the issue im finding is sometimes one of those functions is not writting the corresponding value into the cell but the rest are.

All my functions with a setCell block have a flag that will maintain the thread in the function untill the setCell completes to keep the process sinchronous.
Attached a screenshot of some of my functions.

Have you experienced something similar? Any ideas?

It’s confusing when you create a second topic for the same issue. Please add any relevant details to your original topic instead: Value of variable app in functions (purple blocks) - #4 by fedegarcia30hzc97a