Airtable setCell extrange behaviour


I have a complex app with different screens connected to differnet APIs and a Airtable DB with 3-4 tables. Untill now everuthing was working correctly but apparently im now having issues setting cell values on different tables.
For exmaple, in this piece if code based im setting a cell on a table (handicap) and based on some conditions i would update some cells in a nother table (Airtable1 on function actualizaNumTarjetas.

The wierd thing is that the actualizaNumTarjetas is not executing (no values are being updated) and it also seems its exiting the whole function where its called from and the app keeps running as nothing happened.

I also see the log im creating in actualizaNumTarjetas (the setCell in columnName Tarjeta11) is not updating the cell.

Is anyone getting similar behaviour?

Hello @fedegarcia30hzc97a. Thank you for sharing all the info.
Could you please show the value of the error message from the AirTable get cell block?

HI @ioannis

This is part of the weird thing…there’s no error message,moreover the purple setCell just before the if-not-error (the one writing on Tarjeta11 column) is not writing anything.

Isn’t there a way for exception handling just as we can so in any coding language…my feeling is that something unexpected is happening when accessing some tables but are not registered as errors in Thunkable.

By the way, an older version of the app is working fine…

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