How to create an event app like

Hey there, looking to build an app similar to - a true coding and thunkable beginner here, looking to understand where to start when it comes to building out the events functionality. I want users to be able to:

  1. create events
  2. edit created events if needed
  3. other attendees to be able to both attend and cancel RSVPs

Any tutorials or things to reference that could point me in the right direction?

As well, wanted to go over the full suite of functionality that I want to create this app-

  • implement a rating system for events and attendees post event attendance
  • search events to attend given a location
  • chat features between hosts and attendees - potentially linking the app to something like twilio to support?

Thanks for the help!

Welcome to Thunkable!!

You may want to look at this: The first ever social media app made with blocks! (Phoenix)

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Hello @kwan.patricia.mvmaxs ,

What you are trying to do it seems doable, but you will need to go through several thunkable’s tutorials and tries to achieve it, especially if you are just starting.

Here my suggestions:

  • If you have time and you are not in rush check Airtable’s tutorials (for data from external database), Firebase LogIn (for users login) tutorials and OneSignal tutorials (for push notifications - kinda similar to Twilio).
    Start composing your app block by block. Bare in mind that i think you will need the PRO plan (i’m not sure the Starter will be enough) to add some of your requested features.

  • If you don’t have time, i’d advise to hire a freelance to do the app for you, in that case you can send me, or any thunkable freelances a DM anytime.

Any decisions you will take, i wish you the best of luck,

The community is very active and you will always find support here if you need

I would use Thunkable and supabase for this. Probably will use sendgrid for sending emails.

I would start with some rough drafts of your various screens.