Is Thunkable for me?

Hello, my app idea is similar to, which means I want to develop an app for shared parenthood. It would need to have a shared calendar (colored according to each parent), a chat feature, a document repository, and expense log (with something like approval, invoicing, and P2P payments). Is this doable with Thunkable? Thank you.

Ok, so you have the ideea. Its a start. Now you need to split the ideea into components. Then check THUNKABLE DOCS for each component you want to implement to see if it fits your needs.

My personal thought is that is almost nothing you cant do in Thunkable.

Then you will always find help if stucked here, from Community, or from Thunkable Staff.


I think the most crucial functionality (component?) for me would be a shared calendar, where both users (the child’s parents) can use. I’ve been looking around for this feature in other no-code builders.

Another thing that worries me is that thunkable doesn’t run in the background. Does that mean the user will not get a notification when he gets a new message in the chat, if app is not running?

Thank you.

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You could use the webviewer and use a custom coded FullCalendar setup to display/manipulate events. But if you want a easy to use shareable calendar as a requirement, you’ll need a different builder.

You could also build a calendar but this isn’t terribly easy. Easier with JavaScript knowledge.


I’m yet to find an app Builder that has a shared calendar… Do you know any? Thank you.

try following this guide:

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