The first ever social media app made with blocks! (Phoenix)



Hey community, I recently made a social media app which is available on playstore.

  1. You can like, post, download any post In the app.
  2. You can follow anyone from the homepage.
  3. You can share the image.
  4. You can gain followers according to the quality of your posts.
    I used no extension is this app.
    I used:
  5. Cloudinary
    3.Bottom Navigation
    Playstore Download link:

Tutorial :

For more details visit :


Hi there,
I saw your app,and it look great!
Support you.Therefore,download :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for downloading my app.
I followed your account in it.
Keep uploading images, there are many users to like❤️
By the way, do you rated it?


Nice app, I downloaded it, great!!!

Please use # Successfully Thunk’d just to post only app created with Thunkable X or Classic
Read more: 5 Tips for Successfully Posting in #SuccessfullyThunk'd
(Phoenix was made with another builder)


Hi there,
I think it is OK. I believe all of the app create platform just trust the user to make the app brilliantly done, no matter using which platform. :smile:


Hi there,
How did you follow the user. It seems that I do not have this function in your app. Either you’re administrator? So that you can manage the users.


Just swipe on any post , click visit the poster, and click follow. (The steps to follow anyone)


Hi there,
You said I need to click the photo to follow the user?


No, just swipe the photo to right or left as this


no, the post doesnt gets deleted, it is stored. The app is coded in that way the photos which you have seen from the same accounts, it displays only one post of that account


Hi there,
The message is this community system which I deleted my reply.


I didn’t understand you , what are you saying?


Hi there,
Your app got bug,I slide to the right of the photo.It help me to download the image automatically even if I didn’t click the download image option.


Hmm… I will check the app


The issue is repaired in the new version. (3.0)