Edited: Bubble chat made in Thunkable


Hi. I would like to present a chat developed using Thunkable. It is possible to share photos, Gifs, vídeos and text messages.

Now, more screenshots

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Looking good.

I moved this to a more appropriate category.

Well done on it!


This is awesome. Now that I’ve updated and re-released Run Blocks I am about to start work on a chat application. I’ll probably be asking a lot of really stupid questions (after thoroughly searching this forum of course).


Be my guest…


Sorry, I didn’t mean I’ll be asking you exclusively. I’ll obviously make a topic each time I have a question.


No problem. I can help you


Thanks for sharing these screenshots @fabioirmao - have you published this app in any app store?


Hello, @Domhnall . Yes, I have published It in the Play Store. This app has been developed to a Sign Language School where the users can access some social medias, download some files to study/know the Sign Language besides of chating, posting messages, YouTube vídeos, gifs and photos


Sounds great. Do you want to post the Play store link to the community so the rest of the community can take a look?


At this moment It is available only for Brazil. I will update It on the Google Play Console and turn It available to every country. After that I Will publish the link here.