Chatting / Texting Option on Thunkable?

Hi there! I am trying to make a chatting app, similar to the one Thunkable made in a tutorial : however it was a different version of Thunkable so the blocks are not the same. Can anyone send me a screenshot of the blocks that I need to implement this option? Thanks!
Plus, how can I save the previous messages and display them on the screen??

You can just follow the tutorial but adapt with the new buttons. They almost have the same name

Yeah I tried that but for example the video says “Store Value” and that isn’t there anymore theres just “get” or “save” but I tried both and it doesn’t work the same way anymore :frowning: I’m not sure what the new way to put together the blocks is

Save and store value looks the same for me :confused:

There are so far not enough community members to have tutorials made on youtube and stuff. Keep up the work anyway you’ll find a way by yourself. You might want to understand how it works first so you don’t have to follow a video to make what you need.

Nice day :slight_smile:

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