Does anyone want to collaborate with me and build some awesome apps?

Hey Thunkable Community!
I have been using a thunkable for about a year now and I have build many awesome apps like a fully functional freelancing app and a chat app. I am also working on a social media app and a video call app.
So I was just thinking that I should build a thunkable team of about 4-5 members and build some awesome apps.
I am 11 years old but anyone of any age can join my team. If you want to enter my team just tell me in the replies
See you in the replies!

@olyvoyl_2008 hmm would love your help in my projects!

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If you wanna build a chat app, let’s talk!

I’m thinking with build in video chat! I’ve already got the prototype

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Oooh, I would love to help.


Okay! I’d love to see your prototype. But have you connected it to the firebase? Because since its a video calling app it would require internet.
So i’ve already got the idea in mind and I’ve also got the firebase so here is what I’ve done so far in my video call app.
here is the project(I’ve just started it):

OK, So what are you working on? I can help you with it. And, also if you have any ideas to help me with my social media and video calling app.

Here’s the start. It depends on JavaScript and webRTC

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so where did you make the video call website?