How to create a video chatting app on thunkable

How do we create a video chatting app like connectu?

Like Said in this post it is not possible. But You Can use EnableX

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Thunkable doesn’t offer live video streaming, so creating a video call app is not currently possible.


Using jitsi OCR tech and JavaScript via the webviewer, on android, I believe this may actually be possible.

But it’s a b to set up


interesting! I know its easy to get text to go back and forth, but have you ever tried with something like audio or video streaming @jared?

The streaming would all need to take place in the webviewer

The end product would be part native and part webapp.

I played with this a bit but my iPhone doesn’t allow this to occur via webviewer, only safari.

It’s my understanding this idea should work on an android phone.

I’m still waiting for the day that plugins/extensions are permitted. I would build this out (along with other things)


@siddharht4 Check out This Tutorial How To Add A Video Calling Website To Your App

Thanks for the advice

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