How I feel about Thunkable X

I no longer build apps that I want to build, simply because thunkable X just cannot handle it. a lot of apps that I want to build are pulling huge amounts of data from a database and doing stuff with that data.

this is my real interest with app building. and thunkable X just cannot cope with what I want to do. so I either build nothing or make small apps that do a part of what I need to do. neither of what I am currently doing is near enjoyable.

I mean feature updates are great and all, but I would love to just use the core features lag free for thousands of blocks. and I would be fairly positive that I am not the only user looking for a better overall experience over extra features.

this is my opinion and it is how I feel about Thunkable. Some of the stuff I plan or have tried to make in thunkable is on a large scale dealing with a lot of variables and data. Don’t get me wrong though, Thunkable is still the perfect solution if you want to make an app for a small business or personal use.

hopefully the devs have an ace up their sleeve for this issue.

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