Thunkable vs Dropsource vs Kinetise


Everything is in the title
I am trying to compare these platforms before going all in

Goal: I want to build a cross platform mobile app, a social network where users can: post cases (including photos, videos and text descriptions) , they can like, comment and reply. They can also create group of friends to interact with

The pb with dropsource : they don’t support videos
The pb with kinetise: it seems to be the lack of community and support. I sent them 2 emails, no feedback
The Pb with Thunkable: it seems a challenge to build this kind of platform with Thunkable (according to few posts in this forum)

Any thoughts?



Thunkable X (crossplatform feature) is just starting so all the components aren’t added yet but I’ve never seen a better and more helping community then around here and updates are made frequently so we can create more and more complex apps.

That’s it about thunkable, you’ll be happy here and get help when struggling, don’t hesitate to create a small app with it so you can test all the features.

Nice day :slight_smile:

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But does Thunkable X have less features then Thunkable Classic please?

Of course it does but it’s being updated often and the community is as always included

Thanks for the feedback :wink:

Do you think it is doable to build the instagram app (same with Thunkable Classic) with Thunkable X?

Thanks again for your help


It is possible but it will take more time I think
But you will also have more features coming and thunkable X is going to become bigger than thunkable and I believe at a point they’re gonna delete thunkable classic so try the adventure, you can only win from it, iOS + Android with more more and more features coming, it’s 100% doable

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