What is Thunkable?


Hi there, In this post, is for who confuse what is Thunkable.

What is Thunkable?
Thunkable is a platform, which is enable beginner of code or everyone to use it. It is easy for everyone to using the block to make it functional.

Why it have Classic and X platform?
Some of the Thunkable developer are MIT App Inventor 2 staff. Actually, it’s quite as same as Classic Platform.

In the Classic Platform

  • Extensions supported
  • More components than Cross Platform
  • More functionally

So, you choose which one become your application builder is up to you. I would like to recommend you to use Cross Platform. It is because it is a new one and the easiest to make. Although the classic platform included many of the components, there’s no longer to add faster.

Let’s Thunk Your Own APP

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Thunkable X Release Notes Docs : https://docs.thunkable.com/release-notes
Thunkable X Sample App Docs : https://docs.thunkable.com/sample-apps