How good is Airtable wrt privacy?

Gi guys,
I was just wondering how trustworthy Airtable is with regards to privacy.
Lots of apps need to ask for phone numbers, addresses, email IDs or some other confidential data, including a couple of mine. I store all this data in Airtable, so is it possible for people to hack into that and view all my records? Also, is it possible for people to view my keys and base IDs within Thunkable and then use them to view my data? I was really worried about this.


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Interesting question.

I tested the URL produced for the attachments in Airtable and found that I can access the attachment in the table using the URL without keys.

Of course their might be some settings to prevent such access but the default is this.

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Thanks for the info! Let me dig a bit more into this.

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