Is it safe to use Firebase api keys while I'm evaluating Free account?


Is it safe to use Firebase api keys while I’m evaluating Free account?
I mean do people see credentials as project is Public?


It’s not safe, but nothing prevents you from making a temporary account.

When copying project, to Firebase and Airtable access field is clear. Therefore, public projects, users can not gain access to your accounts. Try my app - and try to log in to my account on Firebase and AirTable.

If your data contains a state secret, it is best not to use them on your computer and any other electronic device that is connected to the Internet.

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Not a good idea to reveal API keys even for a temp account. You can’t login, but you can post data to a database when API key is present.

What do you think, Apple and Microsoft will have a good data protection? These companies spend millions of dollars on defense, but why, then, there are pirate copies?

Do you think that private-account guarantees you 100% data protection? Tell me, what prevents Windows developers, Firebase, Thunkable X, developers of mobile devices to view your information on the sly? Call me at 100% reliable system for storing information. Bank? And the banks, you know sometimes rob.

I use Thunkable X more than 2 years and not once give users the keys to my account. Problems still was not. Why? Because I do not keep them secret information, and my data are not wanted, and for 10$.

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Have you heard about GDPR? I think that I don’t want my test users emails to be exposed due the fact that Firebase keys are open to the public. Doing this is 100% violation of GDPR.

As for GDRP that is an interesting site

I gave you a link to my public project. Look at it carefully and write to me, you can go to my Account in Firebase or AirTable? If you can, then I ask you to put on this forum data that you could without my permission to add into my database.

It is enough for the answer to your question?

I also recommend that you consider the information from the developers at this links

In official documents also have the necessary information: