How can I display only certain rows in a data viewer grid?

I am trying to make an app where users can login and access their own photo galleries. I have created an airtable with the chosen picture values added as well as the corresponding userID. Is there a way to only display the pictures associated with a certain userID in a data viewer grid?

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Data Viewer grid is directly bound to the table so you will have two ways of displaying selected content.

Either filter the data or bind the DVG to a local table and this table will be used as dynamic source that the app will clear the content of the table and will add only required rows from Airtable to the local table.

See this sample project to have an idea of how to add only specific rows in the local table.

Is there any way you could show me the connected airtable?

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I’m not sure if I get you right. If you want to see an example with Airtable directly then I suggest you share your table and I will change the demo project to connect to your table.

Not to bash on it as it has some really great uses, but airtable a not a great choice for this type of app that will have dynamic content. You should use a database like Firebase to store this info as it allows for data privacy and publicity based on how you set things up!

This particular project is good for personal foto galleries but could be set up to be public too.

Check out the linked project for more details!

Beaver Tracker - Fun Demo Project for the New Year


I’ve been using firebase to store other data but it has not been working super well with storing image urls. Do you have any tips on how better to navigate using pictures with firebase?

What issues are you experiencing exactly?

I know that you can’t display images in a list viewer (right?) so that is why I was using airtable because airtable can like store and display images through the data viewer grid, but airtable is hard to use when trying to connect it to the cloud so how would you suggest I display the images. I looked at the project, but I still don’t fully understand how one would do so. Thank you!

The project i shared stores users images to the cloud by first uploading them to cloudinary and. storing the reference URL in firebase

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oooo thank you I’ll try that!

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