Possible to add Images to List Viewer?

I have a database with Title, Text and ImageUrl columns. My app users will be able to query the database via the api using search terms that match the title and text. I need the data to be displayed in a list view with the title, text and image in each row. I could migrate my data to AirTable but as far as I know its not possible to create queries and return part of a table. Are there any workarounds to add images to the List Viewer? It would all work nicely if this would be possible.

You can use data viewer list.

It’s not possible to have custom queries in data viewer. For example I need it to return only the rows where “query” is the the Text column. The only way is to use Firebase or a custom api but then you can’t integrate that with the Data List Viewer.

As far as I know, adding images to list viewer is not possible

The AirTable commands in Thunkable allow you to get a row, column, or entire spreadsheet and then you can manipulate that data with the extensive List commands in Thunkable. So while you maybe can’t query as specifically as you’d like when retrieving data from AirTable, once you have that data, you can do all sorts of things with it in Thunkable.


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This won’t work because of the size of the database. All sorting and filtering needs to be done server-side and not in the app because it’s just not feasible to download 1gb or more of data and filter that down to 15-20 small rows of data to be displayed. I think I’m going to try and use the “Any Component” blocks and build a custom function the iterates thought my web-api response and generates a custom list that will be placed in a scrollable column layout. I believe this method will allow me to create the rows I want with the title, text and image in each row.

If you want to pm, I’d be interested in helping you achieve this goal ive been working on server side filtering.

I think it’s be easy enough

Also, airtable does allow for querying with filters. Do you need an example?

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Well, you I’m going to try and use the Any Component block method before with my current database system before I migrate stuff to Airtable. But I’ll pm you if I run into a wall. Thanks

That’s right…imgs are bit difficult to put in list viewer! But a simple idea:
When list viewer item click, navigate to img_screen and there is where you can put the image according a stored variable