Group Malfunctioning?

Hi there. I found with the “hard” way (as usual :wink:) that when I put a Data Viewer List inside a Group in DnD designing mode and set this group to “Relative to Device”, the viewer goes to a loading loop mode until it crashes and shows no data from the assigned table.

In addition to the Group problem I found that when I also put a List Viewer inside it, it cannot change it’s height with the blocks. Whatever I tried it cannot change it’s height until I put it outside the Group, which then works as it should.

Is the “Group” component buggy for these situations, or is there a fix or a workaround?

Thanks in advance

The height issue is discussed here and is a current bug:

I’m not sure about the other issue you mentioned.

@tatiang Thanks for your response. I temporarily fixed the issue with the List Viewer Height with setting Y as well and it’s working.
The Data Viewer List issue although remains. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: