Why can't I change the height/width of a button inside a group?

In this screen capture video (no sound), you can see that I try to change the height and width of an image component in a DnD project and it keeps reverting back to the original dimensions.


Try changing its x,y properties after its height/width. :thinking:

I’ve ran into the same issue in the past and recently.

Huh, yeah that does allow the change to stick. So if I change the height or width and then immediately change the x or y (even to the same value it was), that makes the height and width not revert.

Bug reported here: Changing height or width of component does not stick · Issue #1224 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

@tatiang Are you using layout in this project?

I can’t speak for @tatiang BUT it’s been around longer than layouts.

Some kind of container then? A group? I cannot replicate this issue with just two images on my screen, the sizing holds.

@conroy33 I was using layouts but I removed them because the height properties (Fit Contents and Fill Container) were causing components to be hidden during preview and testing.

So now the buttons are in a group.

I can reproduce the issue with “button4” on the first screen of this project: Thunkable

Thanks, @tatiang. Definitely related to being inside that group somehow. You can adjust the size by moving it out and then back in.

Nevertheless, I will see why this happens inside the group and if it’s intentional.

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@tatiang I did get confirmation that this should not be happening and so we’ve reported it to engineering to get it fixed.

Temporarily, the workaround for this is to just move the image out of the group, resize, and then move it back in.

I’ll keep you updated as I hear more about this.


I discovered a simpler workaround:

Enter the new value and then double-click Layout:

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 8.29.58 PM

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