Expanding group moves all child elements [Nov 2022]

Today when expanding a group’s width, all child elements were moving vertically out of the group. This is no good and terrible for UI/UX.

Start watching at second marker :18

Thanks for flagging this, @jared. Not a great situation at all, I’m sorry that is happening. I’m having trouble recreating the issue in an MVP, however. Are you seeing this outside of that particular project as well?


I only see this in projects with a bunch of groups on a screen. Not sure of the particular number of screens required to make it happen.

it only happens on more complex screens. probably an edge case but there’s not that much on that screen. I’ll be sure that I’m on the latest chrome version and do a hard refresh too

Got ya–I’ll keep messing with my MVP so see if/when it happens.

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I have noticed that once you reposition the component using the X and Y coordinates instead of dragging, it starts to behave as not part of the group. What was more confusing that it is not happening all the time.


Same. It happens only at the inconvenient times. :rofl:

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Thanks for flagging this part as well, @muneer. Layout positioning has always frustrated me a bit with Thunkable. These were literally taken from a project I am currently working on: x=44.765625 and y=173.35937499999997. I’m sure lots of users would just round those to 45 and 174.


Rounding to the nearest pixel would be lovely, imho

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