I want to change alignment of group using block

i want to change alignment of components in red circle when groups in black circle are visible true. i just want ,
when i add new group after these five groups in black circle the group in red circle automatically move downward
thanks in advance

Are you using clone blocks to create the black section? What does your component tree (list of components on the left side of the Design window) look like?

What do you want to have happen with the red section? What would it look like if it was working correctly?

Are you saying that the red section does not move when you add a group to the black section? What does happen?

Is this the snap to place interface or drag and drop interface?

i just want to move red section group downward if i add new group in the black section every time i click on the green plus sign button a new group is added on the screen i want when screen is full with groups then black section moves automatically to downward

You’re describing what happens on the screen but I need to know how it happens in your code. So you need to explain what blocks you’re using to create the new groups.

It may be easier to just share a link to your project.

You could consider creating a custom dvl layout. It’s a bit more advanced of a task but then items don’t need to shifted on screen and instead your rows of input can be scrolled.

here is link of my project .
basically this is mobile app for order taking from pharmacy store.

can i use blocks to set x axis and y axis of components .if yes please tell me how i can set these values using blocks .thanks alot

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At the moment, you cannot position components using code in DnD (Drag and Drop) UI.

so not possible in thunkable at this time to set x axis or y axis in blocks ? is there any alternative method to achieve this goal


Depending in the use case, you might be able to use DVL (Data Viewer List) to accomplish it.

thanks alot muneer


You’re welcome

how to achieve this functionality in thunkable x please watch video
Record_2022-01-30-18-42-44.zip (242.0 KB)
.this video is from kodular

What functionality are you after?
I saw the video but did not understand what you want.

Do you want once you click on a button or label to change position?

yes when i click on button position will change .but in thunkable x components are overlapping each other

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I just created a quick demo. Try it

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i my side there is no option for layout and column .can you please tell me how i can use these ?at your side both layout and column is available.

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When you create a new project, you need to uncheck the box that says “try our new drag and drop interface.”

There is no way to convert a drag and drop project to a snap to place project.

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If all what you want is the order form to have more rows then you can do that with the DVL (Data Viewer List).

Another thing to note is that Thunkable does not have EXIT button.