Bug with Panels inside Panels

I’ve found an interesting bug.

When I have 3 child panels inside a mother panel and than change the H of the mother panel, all the child panels Y’s automatically change, (but does not happen all the time.) And some of the images and textboxes in those child panels get through out of the child panels. Also, some of the names of the text boxes and sliders and images also change.

Easy to fix, but a bit tiresome to do so.

When you say “panel,” which Thunkable components are you referring to? A Group, a Layout, or something else?

Can you share a link to a project that has this issue?

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Sorry, I meant Group.

I think the reason for it is because the screen components cover over 3000 pixels of Y space.
But I have a solution to the problem (I’m pretty sure it is the solution.)

If I press on the screen first, and then press the Group, the Y component of all the children don’t suddenly change.

Since doing this, I haven’t had any problems.

Still, it’s no big deal, but I just have to remember to press the screen first and then the Group which has children on it.

Another reason why it might be happening is because, I have a group in a group and this could be why, but I’m not sure.

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