Positioning hidden list_view DnD


I recently migrated my project to DnD, some components need some review, specially the list views where the number of rows are variable. A quick fix for this issue is straight forward as ive set all the rows in my screen with a fixed high.

My issue is working with hidden list views (for search bars), as ive setup all the visible components with a fixed high when i show the hidden list view it tries to fi in the screen and streches the rest of the components…including the search bar…i quick work around has been to setup a small size of the component which limits the user experience

If i setup the visible list view component as dinamic heigh, it will try to fit all screen as it has 40 rows to show…

This is the main screen

When i search something (setting the high as fill contents)

Is there any way to have have components in the front of the screen with out messing everything around such as the alerts??

Try having the List Viewer separate from the layout component.

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