List viewer unable to snap to elements

Hi, I’m having trouble getting the list picker to snap to the nearest element instead of stopping halfway between two options (like below). Is there a way to enable this?

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are they in columns?

Are you using multiple List Viewer components on one screen? Can you post a screenshot of the Design tab?

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I am also experiencing this issue since a while, because of fit content / fill parent height of list.
So, the appropriate solution for me was setting absolute height - like 100px.

Thanks! :blush:

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Thanks all!

jared - No, it’s just one column with 10% padding on left and right

@tatiang - Posted a shot below. It’s 2 list viewers as you can see, one above the other. Does that make a difference?

@kartik14 - Right now I’m using relative height. But I did try absolute height before and it still had the same issue. What would happen is the height of list viewer element would be calibrated to the height of one item, but you could still end up with it display in-between items - eg. the bottom half of one list item and the top half of the next one.

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btw, i played around with the colours and positioning, that’s why it looks a bit different from the live test shot earlier. but the programming is still the same and the problem is still there.

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Can you try something. Put them in their own column. W/ height and width set to fit contents Set vertical positioning to top.

Ok, I’ve tried putting the first list viewer in its own column, sized the same as what the list viewer is, and set to fill container.

Not sure if I’m doing it right? But images below.

And I’m not sure what vertical positioning refers to. Have played around with the alignment settings (eg. flex-start). No luck there.

Could you see if I’m understanding you correctly?

Sorry, realized you said fit contents, not fill container. So I’ve done that now, but it results in this: