ListViewer Scroll Issue when Screen Scrollable set to true in X version / Android device

Hi Thunkers, happy new year for all of you!

Well, I’m trying to make work the scroll in a Listviewer when inside a scrollable screen, but doesn’t work in my Android device.

The screen scroll works, but the Listviewer stays “freezed” with no scroll. But when the screen scroll is set to false, the listviewer scrolls normally.

The problem is that my screen has lot of information, and I need both scrolls working.

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Paulo Vaz


When you place your components into a column and make that column scrollable it will work.

Keep the screen not scrollable.

Thats my problem @muneer … I really need a scrollable screen because I have a lot of fields to display (like a form to the user fill up).

The “non elegant” way is to create a button to go another screen just to select the item on the ListViewer and get back to the original screen (more screens to create :face_vomiting:)

Is the D&D version having the same issue? Because I have plans to “migrate” from X to the D&D version sooner…


No, the interaction with the List Viewer will not depend on the scrollable option of the screen in DnD

Let me ask you this question.
Is the height of your list viewer set to Fill Container which is the default?

If this is the case and the screen is scrollable then the list viewer will not scroll. You need to set it to a specific value, for example, 30% of screen size or an absolute height. This will make it scrollable even when the screen is scrollable.

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@paulovaz72 you can try and create a custom list from the Any component section.
With labels and images etc.
This Will let you scroll through the list with out having half it’s content Being blocked away.

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I believe the real issue he is facing is due to that he used the default height for the List Viewer which will expand to show all entries in the list when the screen is scrollable. He just has to set the height either to an absolute value or to a percentage and he should see the List Viewer scrolling again.

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Hello @muneer !

Yes I did the changes you recommend, but with no effect:

Row: Height: Fill Content - Scrollable: True
Column: Height: Fill Content - Scrollable: True
ListViewer: Heith: Absolute Size: 80

To avoid any misunderstood, please check an example project I did to show what happens (when in a physical Android device, because in the internal live test works perfctly):

Any other ideas?


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@lukehoogenboom0i This looks a nice idea to implement a chat solution I’m looking for…

To do a “Whatsapp” style, because all the Chat apps examples available uses the regular listviewer that provides a very poor layout for a chat screen where you need to show images, timestamps in different size, design “ballons” and align the conversation in right or left according the actor (sender / receiver).

I never try to create components “in the fly”, and I don’t know how to manipulate it yet, but I will do some research…

Anyway I think this is a very sophisticated solution for a simple listviewer scroll that works in a scrollable screen :slight_smile:


This is your project without any modifications

@muneer . I have the exact same behavior when use an emulated android in a PC…

But please try in a PHYSICAL Android Device…


This is from a physical Android device (my phone).

@muneer ,

My phone is a Samsung S9 (Android 10), and I also tested in a ASUS MEMOPAD tablet (Android 5.1.1) and the result is the same… no scroll in the listview…

Look the video recording from my phone and note that the listviewer never scrolls…


When you view the app from the computer you will notice that there is a scroll bar in the right side of the List Viewer and therefore you can use the scroll bar to scroll.

When using the phone there is no scroll bar. the system does not know when you want to scroll the whole screen and when you want to scroll only the List Viewer therefore you need to touch the screen anywhere outside the List Viewer and keep holding it. In the same time scroll the List Viewer and you will see it responding to your finger gesture.

Hope this is a clear explanation.


Oh my God!

… it’s a kind of peculiar way to get this to work, it doesn’t seem intuitive, but it worked!

I’ve been using Android for decades and would never imagine something like this (2 fingers touching the screen @ same time)!

In short, it is not a “defect” but a different way of make it happen…

I will have to include this in my app manual!

Thank you so much and sorry for my lack of imagination to use a smartphone!



don’t worry. It is not intuitive to me too but unfortunately this is how they decided to make it.

Glad that it worked for you.


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